Business and Enterprise intelligence

By | abril 24, 2018

Business and Enterprise intelligence


Business and Enterprise intelligence . Business consists of performing an operation in order to obtain money or profit from a product, service or any other activity that you want to perform.

what is enterprise intelligence

The purpose of the business is to meet the different needs of buyers and sellers. Currently, anyone who does business is called an entrepreneur, since it is responsible for making merchandise in the company.

Profitability of the business

The profitability of the business depends to a large extent on the capacity of the person who is in charge of the company. That’s why in order to become a great entrepreneur, you need to have great visions, perseverance in reaching your goals and always with a positive mind.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence today is very important. With the technological advance, the company that does not apply this loses a lot. When we talk about business intelligence we refer to the set of processes, both applications and everything related to technology for the application in the company in order to facilitate the quick and easy to obtain the most important data of a company. This would take advantage of the time resource within a company, with this would be more efficient and effective.


enterprise intelligence meaning

Currently speaking of a master’s degree in business administration is not something new, since many are the universities that offer the programs of the master’s degree in business. The globalized world demands more and more to be updated, but what is the power of the MBA? What is the importance of MBA? Universities that offer MBA? Will there be accredited universities for the mba? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves at the moment of wanting to take the road to business. Business and Enterprise intelligence.

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